37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can any one tell me A to Z procedure of normal delivery...?? plzz

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Answer: Before surgery To prepare for the operation, an IV will be placed in a woman's arm or hand to give her the fluids and medications she'll need during surgery. Her abdomen will be washed and her pubic hair may be clipped or trimmed. A catheter (tube) is placed into a woman's bladder to remove urine, and it will remain there for a day after the surgery. Women are usually given regional anesthesia, either an epidural block or a spinal block, which both numb the lower half of her body but will allow the mother to be awake when her baby is born. This tends to be safer than general anesthesia, where a woman would be totally asleep during the delivery. How a C-section is done The obstetrician will use a knife to make a horizontal incision in the skin and the abdominal wall, usually along the bikini line, meaning that it's low enough down on the pelvis that it would be covered up by underwear or a bikini bottom. Some women may get a vertical, or up-and-down cut. After the abdomen is opened, an incision is made in the uterus. Typically side to side cut is made which ruptures the amniotic sac surrounding the baby. Once this protective membrane is ruptured, the baby is removed from the uterus the umbilical cord is cut and the placenta is removed. The baby is examined and given back to the mother for skin to skin contact.
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