4 months old baby

Question: Can any one suggest a good story book so that I can read to my 4mth baby..

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Answer: you can read rhymes book in front of your baby your baby is only four months your baby's not able to understand stories
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    Gitanjali Swain822 days ago

    Even rhymes also she will not understand.. Whether she understands or not just want to develop her language skill to make n her habit of reading n listening from now.. Anyway thank you for your suggestions 😊.

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Answer: Hey dear, if you are not a book lover then chill, no need to read books. If not at all compulsory. You can watch funny movies on baby's or you can spend time pampering yourself in front of mirror or whatever you want to do that makes you feel happy. That's more important. Listen music is really good for both mother and baby so you can try that. Hope it helps.😃😃
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