34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can any body tell me reason of to much movements at 33 weeks and 04 days.

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Answer: Hello dear, fast baby movement is a sign of healthy and active baby.  If it start suddenly, you should worry and check with your doctor.  A lot of movement is a wonderful sign that your baby is getting enough blood flow and is healthy. They should not slow down when they go further into the birth canal. They often have more stretches and pushes, but if there is a drastic slow down a trip to the hospital is necessary. Anyhow, enjoy the activity going on inside of you, you'll miss it after delivery.
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Question: Can any body tell me at kind of meal to be give at neight time for around 4 years baby.
Answer: anything the child likes. At 4 the child can eat anything. My baby is 3 yrs old and he likes khichdi at night mostly thn i cook khichdi for him daily in different styles. kbi simple moong dal khichdi kbi chana dal kbi mix veg khichdi etc etc
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Question: Hi i am 15 weeks 4 days pregnant..can any body tell me baby weight ?
Answer: It is too early to know the baby weight now. It is very less now. Even less than 500gm
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Question: Hi it's my 33 weeks of pragnancy I'm not feeling much baby movements tgan before
Answer: At this stage of pregnancy a baby is just barely large enough to press against the outer abdominal wall, which is how you feel the kicks. It's possible that your baby just has enough room to move around still, so you're not feeling the movements as much.  If you are really concerned, I would contact your doctor and ask about it. They can bring you in for a quick viability check by listening with a doppler for the baby's heartbeat.
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