6 months old baby

Question: Can any body suggest me..whay is d basic difference btwn nan excella pro2 nd nanpro 2?? Presently i am giving nan pro 2..can i switch to nan excella pro 2?without consulting dctr.??

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Answer: happy to be invisible if you want to shift towards consult to the doctor to be on the safe side
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Question: I'm giving NAN excella pro formula milk to my baby....can i switch for another formula? Is it safe
Answer: Hi dear, Nestle nan pro is very good for baby's tummy.i have heard it is mild on tummy too.i donot think you need to change if your baby has any discomfort.
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Question: Can we change formula milk brand? Currently i am giving nestle NAN excella pro.
Answer: Hi,if your baby is not digesting properly or if any adverse effects if u find with the current formula milk,then you can change no problem,if nothing if he is doing well with wat you are giving then y there is change??
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Question: 2 days back i changed my babys formula milk fro nan to nan excella pro..but from yesterday she is not feeding well..and also crying very loudly...wats the prob can any one say
Answer: Hi mam,as u changed the formula it would take little time like 3 to 4 days fr baby to adjust for taste...n also see the cause of baby cry ..
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Question: Hello Dr sumaiya, please suggest which formula milk is gd nanpro 1 probiotics or nan pro 1 DHA, whey protein, zinc, iron. As i am giving my baby breast milk and formula milk too.
Answer: Hi dear, I used nanpro to my baby, I started it at 4 month. You can also try the same for your baby. Hope baby would like it. All the best
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