3 months old baby

Question: Can a breastfeeding mother can eat pizza?

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes definitely you can have pizza.have it occasionally as it is nutritionally zero.nade of maida and processed cheese would only give you empty calories.it could make you gain unnecessary weight and maida can give you constipation.but that doesn't mean you need to ban pizza.eat occasionally.
Answer: Hello! Yes, a breastfeeding mother can have pizza. There is no problem in that. Just make sure that you have it occasionally. Take care
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Question: Shall i eat pizza im a breastfeeding mother
Answer: YOu can have a small piece if you really feel like having one. But it would be wise to avoid such foods as it will contain additives when bought from stores. You can make homemade pizza made with whole wheat base and lots of vegetables. This one is safe for you and your baby who is breast feeding
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Question: shall i eat pizza while breastfeeding mother
Answer: Better to avoid...If u can't already have wheat thin crust
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Question: Can a breastfeeding mother eat sour?
Answer: Dear there is no harm in having it, but yo yell you precisely, it affects the bowel movement of the child, if you are breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: Which fruits can eat a breastfeeding mother?
Answer: Other than fruits have milk its not good to have fruits now u may got cold . Only hot items u need to take now .
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