1 months old baby

Question: can I sleep my baby on sides position

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Answer: Hi dear it is fine for you to keep the baby inside position or back aur front position it is fine nothing to worry
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Question: Can the baby sleep on Sides?
Answer: Hi. it is always advisable that the newborns should sleep on their back. if they roll on their own to the side , keep a pillow on both sides so that the baby will not rollover tummy because sleeping over tummy increases SIDS and it is very dangerous. it is safe unless they sleep on thier sides and not on tummy.
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Question: Can 3 months baby sleep on sides?
Answer: Yes dear no issue if small baby sleep on sides but keep on changing position, never let baby sleep on same position always as it can give flat head to baby. Tc
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Question: Hello , can i feed my baby while I sleep, n can the baby sleep on sides
Answer: ya mom u can but dont give much by sleeping y bcz if ur milk comes out more,, then ur baby cant drink continuously then it goes up to head so mom . take care☺. they can sleep sider. u make them to sleep
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