17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can 3 months baby see TV and mobile screens?? Does it affect baby's eyes??

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Answer: Definetly they affects babies eye dear. Ease keep the mobile away from baby as harmfull radiation from even affects babies mental growth.
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Question: We should not see more tv and mobile phone dr
Answer: Dear these things emit harmful rays so to avoid these you should minimize the use of screen and effect is more severe after evening so avoid using it after sunset.
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Question: Does using mobile phone affect baby's growth ??? Does using mobile phone decrease our weight??
Answer: Hello dear. Mobiles, like many other everyday items, emit low levels of radio waves and it is said babies exposed to mobile phones in the uterus (womb) and behavioural problems, such as hyperactivity, during childhood. You can use in moderation. Mobiles wouldn't decrease your weight. Take care.
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Question: Does Speaking in video call in mobile will affect baby eyes
Answer: Hi dear as we all know the mobile phone screen light is a LED light and no varieties of lights should be on your baby's eyes for long period of time. Take care of your baby.
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