30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Came to know i have urinary infection. What are the best home remedies?

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Answer: Hi,it us very commin to get urinary infection during this period . You should drink more if water You should have cocunut water Keep your area clean Wash that area after every time you use your washroom Apply cocunut oil if you have itching Wear only cotton ugs All this will help
Answer: Take more water ,1 tender coconut water a day,use hygiene washes to wash the area after every urination. Check with doctor as UTI if not addressed in pregnancy may have risk to affect baby in womb.
Answer: Take more water and better check with doctor ...UTI should be immediately addressed in pregnancy.
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Question: What home remedies i should do fr urinary infection
Answer: 1-Drink plenty of water juices that helps flush bectrial from ur system... 2-avoid oily food junk food and spicy food.. 3-stay clean and dry...wipe from front to back after every pee... 4-take raw crushes garlic... 5-vitamin c ...that help u to flush bacterial from ur system 6-take cold things just cold milk lassi or buttermilk whatever u like.. 7consult ur gyno also...tchope i help u dear..
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Question: What are the home remedies for urinary infections
Answer: Drink lots of water U can also have coconut water
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Answer: Hi I am 32 wks pregnant nd my belly size remains constt..... Is it normal
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Question: Hello all...am now 32 wk pregnant.now am suffering urinary infection....what is the best home remedy for urinary infection?????
Answer: Wash ur urinary area with haritaki water.. boil haritaki (kadukkai) in water and use the water to wash ur urinary area so that ur infection ll reduce..
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