7 months old baby

Question: By when we can introduce cow milk to the babies?

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Answer: Dear you can give cow milk to your baby when your child will one year old
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Question: When we can start giving cow milk to baby
Answer: Hello dear, you should never give cow/buffalo milk to baby before 12 months. As baby won't be able to digest it and make get loose motions and vomiting. After 12 months baby has better digestive system and can be given to baby.  You can give Formula milk if breast milk is not enough but do consult with doctor.
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Question: When we can introduce solid food for babies? Am not having breast milk. Please tell me
Answer: Hi dear baby needs breast milk at that time so i think if you are getting it then you should give it. If there is some problem in breast milk then at least give formula milk. Solid food can only be introduced once baby will be 6 months. Before that they wont be able to digest it.
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Question: When is the best time to introduce chicken for babies?
Answer: Now u can introduce.but first check is there any allergy
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