29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: By mistake today I took twice iron tablet instead of calcium. Is it something to worry?

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Answer: It's ok.it happened to me too.so tomorrow avoid iron tablet .
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    Tanushree G580 days ago


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Question: I took calcium tablet twice by mistake
Answer: Dnt take tension it will not harm,jst drink plenty of water
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Question: Helloo dr......i took iron tablet instead of calcium today.....is der any prblm ???
Answer: No harm but you should nt repeat it. If you forget daily it's better to keep a alarm reminding ur tablets it ll b helpfull for you
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Question: Hi doctor, am close to 7 month now. I have taken iron tablet yesterday night and by mistake instead of calcium tablet I took iron again in the morning today.. Is that okay or will that have any complications?
Answer: That's completely fine......my doctor has prescribed me iron twice a day since my hb level is low.....so don't worry... everything is fine
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Question: Took iron tablets twice by mistake will it harm baby
Answer: Hello! Don't worry it will not harm the baby. But just make sure next time to be little careful. Take care
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