14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: By mistake i had pineapple. Is it something to worry about?

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Answer: Hello dear. Can understand you worry... Let me tell you nothing to worry if you had pineapple . In fact its a safe and healthy fruit to eat during pregnancy if you take in small quantity. ..still if you have any doubt simply avoid in future. And do not worry regarding pineapple that you had....it won't harm you or your baby in any way. Ok dear. Take care
Answer: Hie Don't worry I am sure it would be less than a cup serving which is fine So don't worry But be careful if you crave for it you can have it in small proportion once a week not more than that as it may cause contraction
Answer: Hello! Pineapple is generally advised not to be taken during pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage or preterm delivery. If taken in small quantities ,it will not be harmful. Hence don't worry. Take care
Answer: It's not a problem. However please do take care to avoid it so that your pregnancy is smooth.
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Question: I had pineapple by mistake..... Is their any problem
Answer: Hie No absolutely not Don't worry Having 1 to 2 cups of pineapple in a week is fine but more than 5 cups a week could be harmful and cause of concern so even if you have pineapple ensure that you have that in moderation
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Question: Hi , i had little pieces of pineapple by mistake..is there any worry about it??
Answer: Hi , if you had only few pieces like in very small amounts then dont worry it will not cause any harm but in any chance you feel any different symptoms then visit your doctor immediately..
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Question: Hello, by mistake i had Tropicana Mixed fruit juice & it had Pineapple in it. Now I'm so worried. Kindly suggest something.
Answer: Don't worry as if it is in little amount then it won't affect but you need to be careful and avoid having packaged drinks as they contain preservatives and may cause gastric trouble so have fresh lemon juice fruit juice coconut water lemonade. And if you want you can just take a second opinion and get check up done. But dont worry everything will be fine stay positive.
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