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Question: Brown spotting and again after 2 days vaginal bleeding is it misscaraaige

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Answer: Your query needs more when was your last menstrual period,and have you missed your period etc..usually if the flow is like period then it could be your delayed period too..
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Question: I have again vaginal bleeding today after stoppage for 10 days is it normal or??
Answer: Hello dear, it may be you are getting period after your delivery. It's possible to get period just next month after delivery. Myself is a live example of that. So, wait for 5 to 7days if the flow is normal. But if flow increases and persists more than 7 days then you need to consult your doctor.
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Question: Last 2 days brown spotting? Is it normal?
Answer: Most cases brown discharge does not mean something is wrong with you and your baby Usually the most common cause is irritation Spotting can also be due to infections or hormonal imbalance Always better to not to keep doubt in the mind so get yourself examined by a gynaecologist.
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Question: On my 24th day i had brown spotting one day after that bleed haveily it's sign of misscaraaige
Answer: It's tough to say dear you can get your lab test done to know for sure.
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