11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Brown jelly like discharge during 3rd month pregnancy, what is it mean

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Answer: Hi dear, a bit of brown Discharge is normal as basically it's an old blood that has accumulated during implantation that comes out along with the white discharge. Thats why its brownish in color Bcoz it is old blood fresh blood is always red or bright red in colour. So I don't think it is anything to worry till the time it is coming in normal flow. Take care!
Answer: You should get the ultrasound done to know if baby is growing fine or not. All the best.
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Question: Dark brown discharge during 4 month. What does this mean?
Answer: It's bleeding you should visit doctor immideatly for check up to find out the reason. Doctor will prescribe some safe medicines and supports plus complete bed rest. Some people may write it's normal in pregnancy but no any bleeding is normal in pregnancy do plz visit doctor.
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Question: little bit brown discharge during 33 week of pregnancy....what it mean moment is normal
Answer: it is normal ...If your cervix is irritated during pregnancy, it may cause somebrownish-pink discharge. This can happen at any point during your pregnancy. It may be caused by sex, a cervical check by your doctor, or an infection.
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Question: I saw jelly like vaginal discharge at 6th month pregnancy..what does it mean
Answer: Hi dear, discharge is creamy white dan it's ok but if the vaginal discharge is green or yellowish, strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection
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