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Question: Brinjal is safe to eat in pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear Some may say brinjal should be given to pregnant women as it contains phytohormones whivh lead to mensuration but brinjals can be given to pregnant womens asbit has more benifits..it contains lot of vitamins which is helpful for foetus growth and it contains folic acid which helps to boosts development of reb blood cells for baby and also it is a very good immune booster...so taking brinjals in moderate amount is safe during pregnancy
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Question: Brinjal is safe to eat in pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear,brinjal is recommended for pregnant women due to its various benefits. Brinjal helps in the development of the foetus as it provides vitamins such as  vutamin and vitamin E. Brinjal also contains folic acid that in turn boosts the development of red blood cells in the new life form.and aslo Not all, but in some rare cases,  pregnant women may suffer allergies .Brinjal is believed to induce high levels of acidity in pregnant women, which may cause them anxity  and discomfort. Thus for avoiding high acidity levels, brinjal is not a recommended food item for pregnant women. Tq
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Question: Is brinjal is safe to eat in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, of you r not allergetic to brinjal you can eat. There is no problem with it.
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Question: is it safe to eat brinjal in pregnancy
Answer: Hello! Yes ,you can have brinjals but in moderation ,dont have it in excess .
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