4 months old baby

Question: Breastfeeding time I can take zerodel p tablets? Please ..

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Question: Can I take sporolac -Ds tablets for diarrhoea
Answer: Yes dear, sporlac-D is safe in pregnancy.it is probiotics helps for gut bacteria.drink plenty of fluids like better milk, coconut water, juices.take banana which is best food to eat while suffering from loose motions.take dairy products.avoid out side foods and spicy and oily foods.better to have bland diet.take care
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Question: I am breastfeeding mother, Can I take cold go medicine and celin 500 ??
Answer: Do not take any medicines without consulting doctor... While breastfeeding cover your face. Cold is viral. Do not kiss baby ... Wash your hands and face regularly.. You can cover your face with mask while feeding baby.. Do not bring your face too close to baby. Take care of your self
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Question: Can breastfeeding mom take abortion pills?
Answer: Taking abortion pills while giving breastfeeding to baby is not recommended because it pass through breast milk and can cause harm to baby. that's why only your doctor can guide you whether the medicine prescribed are fine with breastfeeding or not.
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