5 months old baby

Question: Breastfeeding mother can eat amla.

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Answer: Ofcourse u can eat as it will increase the hemoglobin which is very useful for breastfeeding
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Question: Can a breastfeeding mother can eat pizza?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes definitely you can have pizza.have it occasionally as it is nutritionally zero.nade of maida and processed cheese would only give you empty calories.it could make you gain unnecessary weight and maida can give you constipation.but that doesn't mean you need to ban pizza.eat occasionally.
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Question: Can breastfeeding mother eat white rice??
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Breast feeding mothers can eat white five. It gives carbohydrates. But avoid spicy and oily food. Take care.
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Question: Which fruits can eat a breastfeeding mother?
Answer: Other than fruits have milk its not good to have fruits now u may got cold . Only hot items u need to take now .
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Question: Breastfeeding mother can eat oats daily??
Answer: Oats is filled with nutrients and it can be called a super food as it is extremely good for increasing the milk supply in lactating mothers. Oatmeal is rich in iron and it has to be a mandatory food for mothers who are breastfeeding as it helps to increase the supply of milk. This food also prevents stress level. Too much of stress for lactating mothers can result in low supply of milk. Hence eating a bowl of oatmeal once a day will always help you a lot in increasing milk supply.
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