3 months old baby

Question: Breast mein dhood hai ya nahi kaisa jana jaa saktahai

2 Answers
Answer: While ur baby sucking at one breast from another one milk will flow out side. It is one sign. And you can observe if milk is there breast will be tight. After baby's feeding u can check both the sides you can come to know
Answer: Try using breast pump, if it's pumping more than 60 ml means you have good supply of milk
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Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have chicken,meat,they are good source of protein,but make sure that it has been cooked well,it is advisable to avoid par boiled meat during pregnancy,and avoid chicken during dinner it may cause indigestion,one secret tip is to drink cumin water after eating will makes digestion easier..
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Question: Night time ek baar hi my daughter dhood peeta haii..phir sleep karti haii..night mein bhi 2 hours gap mein dhood dena hai kya?
Answer: Yes dear night mein apko 2 hours ka nahi infact har baar 3-4 ghante ka gap dena hai. Raat ko agar baby nahi uthe feed ke liye to apko jaga ke feed dena hai. Baby 3 ghante mein bhuke ho jate hai aap feed doge to woh lelegi. Hope it helps.
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