Few weeks old baby

Question: Breast feeding frequency

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Answer: Hi. You need to breast feed your baby every 2 hours for now. As babies milk gets digested in 90 minutes and at 120 hours baby feels the hunger again. At night this can be extended by one hour but do feed at night also or baby will be dehyderated.
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Question: What is the frequency of feeding 1 hour once or two hours ?
Answer: U must feed every 2-3 hrs...if the baby is fuzzy or sleepy demanding milk no need to wait for the turn of 2 to 3 hours . you can feed the baby when the baby demands.. If the baby is sleeping continuously for 3 hrs..u can wait for him to wake up..if he sleeps more than 4 hours u can tingle his feet lr chin and make him drink...
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Question: Hi i am the mother of 5 days old baby boy.i would like to know the frequency of breast feeding to be given to baby
Answer: Whenever the baby cries or specially wakes up crying after sleep , you should feed him. There's no number of times a baby needs feeding. Some babies feed in every two hours and some every hour. But make sure you feed him atleast within 3or 3 and half hours.
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Question: My baby is 4 months and 15 days old. When can I start feeding him solids? Also what will be the frequency of giving solids and breast milk
Answer: After completing 4 months I visited Dr. .so he told me u can give solid food from now..but in very little quantity 1 spoon for a day upto 15 days
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