6 months old baby

Question: break fast ,lunch,and dinner recipe for a 6 months old baby?

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Answer: do not introduce breakfast, lunch n dinner at one go...baby may not be able to digest everthin breakfast - mashed potato or mashed banana or apple puree lunch - dal water or rice water dinner - vegetable puree
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Question: Plz suggest breakfast,lunch,snacks and dinner time for my 6 month old baby
Answer: Hi mommy, when my baby was at same age i followed this chart and it helped by baby to gain weight hope you can follow this diet for your little one, All the best! 8 am - bm / fm 9 am. Rava idly, oats ragi dosa, suji kheer, banana porridge, pancakes, apple puree( any one) 11 am. Bm/ fm 12 pm. Mashed banana, curd, 1 pm. Khichdi, potato and carrot khichdi, curd rice, ragi porridge, suji upma with veggie 3 pm. Bm / fm 5 pm. Any finger soft fruit, yogurt, boiled sweet potato, apple smoothy 7 pm. Uttpam, suji kheer, moong daal with rice, raw banana porridge, barley cereal, wheat cereal Quantity. Liquid 3 to 4 spoon Thick food 3 to 4 spoon Fruit. (Half one time )
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Question: My baby is 8 month ...daily recipe food ..means morning ..lunch..evening and dinner.. tell me the recipe
Answer: Hi Dear! Your 8 months old needs 2 meals plus 1 snacks, m giving few suggestions pls interchangr if needed.. Breakfast: Oats Porridge with nuts powder Aloo Paratha Roti with ghee Whole wheat bread toast Rawa upma Fruit salad Lunch: Curd Rice Spinach rice with fish Tomato Rice with chicken Peas pulao with veggies curry Daal-Rice with okra fry Quinoa Dinner; Roti with veg curry Oats with veggies Banana Oats pan cake Rawa halwa Kheer roti with either honey or jaggery small spoon These are the options to offer and check his hunger cues and offer snacks in between. Good luck!
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Question: Gestational diabaties normal range fasting,after break fast,lunch,dinner
Answer: Fasting shud be within 95mg/dl, post meal should be less than 120mg/dl
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