Question: bp low is it danger while I'm at the beginning of eight month

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Answer: hello. dear It occurs because the circulation expands during pregnancy and hormonal changes cause the blood vessels to dilate, leading to a lowering of blood pressure. The blood pressure begins to fall in early pregnancy and is usually at its lowest sometime in the middle of the second trimester. Generally, you won’t require treatment for low blood pressure during pregnancy. Doctors typically don’t recommend medications for pregnant women unless symptoms are serious or complications are likely. Your blood pressure will probably start to rise on its own during your third trimester. avoid getting up quickly from seated or lying positions try not to stand for long periods of time eat small meals throughout the day don’t take very hot baths or showers drink more water wear loose clothing It’s also a good idea to eat a healthy diet and take your prenatal supplements during your pregnancy to prevent symptoms of low blood pressure.
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Question: BP is 110/ danger??
Answer: During pregnancy is usually BP level goes down which is not that much harmful compared to high BP. you have to add little extra salt in your diet and you can sit cross legged as it help to improve BP level also in the morning you should eat 3-4 dates on regular basis. Hope it helps.
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Question: It's my 11th week of pregnancy,I am completely normal since the very it normal to be normal????
Answer: It is perfectly okay to be normal . every pregnancy is not same some may get many problems and some may get no problem. you enjoy your pregnancy days . Take a healthy diet take proper rest
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Question: At present am in 8th month of pregnancy sometimes I can't recognising baby movements?is it danger?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy When baby grow uterus also grow nd baby gets enough space to move .dear after 32 weeks mumma should feel 10 movements per day .dear count ur babies movement if ur babies movement r 10.nothing to worry abht if movements r less than 10 consult to ur gyno .
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