27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: BP high ki wajah se kuch b nhi kha sakti moring m break fast m kya lu

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Answer: Hello, aapko sodium intake kaam karna hoga Jab aapko high BP hota hai ab breakfast Mein oatmeal kha sakte ho , fruits kha sakte ho banana kha sakte ho pineapple kha sakte ho Omega 3 fish kha sakte ho Hare Patte kha sakte ho , atta ka roti kha sakte ho magar bina namak ke .
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Question: Break fast mein kuch khhana ka man nhi krta
Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy me aisi complain kaafi normal hai. Hormones ki wajah se nausea feel hota hai,Kuch khane Ka man bhi Nahi karta. Force feed na kare.jitna man kare utna khaye. Thoda thoda khaye.din me drive rahe,jisse metabolism badhega aur bhuk bhi lagegi. Jitna bhi khaye ,healthy khaye.din me paani bhi khoob piye.flavored water Jaise nimbu paani piye,jisse body ke toxins flush out hoke, appetite ki bhi badha hai. Donot worry Aapka baby ki growth normal hi rahegi.2 Nd trimester se aisi feeling Kam hone lagegi.un cheezo se door rahe jisse aapko nausea feel hota ho.
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Question: Mere pairo m swelling ho rahi h,kya ye bp ki wajah se h,agar bp ki wajah se to kese control kre
Answer: Hie the swelling in your feets is due to increase in blood volume As during pregnancy the blood volume increase near about 50% to meet the increasing demand of your baby and yourself Avoid standing or sitting for long intervals of time as it allows the blood to pool and hence cause swelling Take a quick walk for 2-5 min in between that would help with blood circulation Massage your feets once a day to ease the tension in muscles , get the blood circulating and ease pain or swelling You may apply cold pack or soak in a tub of warm water Also while sleeping keep a pillow in between your knees and below your feets to comfort you
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Question: Mughe dr n diet m high protein lene k liye kha h ..plz suggest me ki m diet m kya kya lu jisse mughe high protein mile...
Answer: Hello During pregnancy u can eat wt u want but it's also essential to eat right for u and ur growing baby. A well balanced diet filled with all the essential minerals and nutrients is very important. Eat proteins like chicken fish lamb. It's rich in b12 fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids wch helps in brain development. You have to be well hydrated as with water fresh fruit juices butter milk milkshakes etc Eat lots of ghee diary products this helps in increasing ur baby s weight Avocado is very good during pregnancy as it promotes conception and is very rich in follate wch helps in preventing birth defects it's an amazing fruit to add in ur pregnancy diet Eat lots fruits and vegetables lentils whole grains include high fiber foods so u will have a good iron content with nutrient value. Avoid eating or drinking citrus fruits as it can give u acidity. Do not eat papaya pineapple as they contain high estrogen levels r bad for ur baby. Keep physically active by walking stretching etc so u have fresh oxygen to ur blood.
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