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Question: Both foetal kidneys are showing mild fullness of the collecting system with the maximum transverse width of 3.9mm 8n right kidney and 3.8mm in left.... The hyperexhoic focus in the left ventricle is seen to persisting in the present scan... Please ans for this any dangers this one... I'm so much worried

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Answer: Hi dear! The fullness of collecting system just means that the part of kidney draining urine to ureter ( connecting tube between kidney and urinary bladder) is dilated. It can be a temporary dilatation. So aftet the delivery the baby has to have a follow up with the doctor and if the condition still persists then further treatment can be given right now we will just have to keep a check on it nothing else . The hyperechoic focus that is seen in the left ventricle is generally a normal variant dear. It's just a small deposit of calcium in there . Most of these is seen in middle of pregnancy and will not of away before delivery. Since they do not cause problems for the baby there is no special concern if they are still visible later on . So don't worry dear. Nothing that you have mentioned is a problematic thing. You can relax ! Take care I hope this information is helpful to you.
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    Nanditha Mahesh61 days ago

    Tq such for you answer.. Nothing to worry no

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Question: Echogenic intracardiac focus seen in left ventricle during 5th month of pregnancy.....is this is serious matter ...plz suggest
Answer: Hi! Fetal Echocardiogenic Foci are common findings and are commonly seen inside heart chambers during routine fetal heart scanning, the left ventricle is most frequent location, Although they probably represent a normal variant of papilary muscle development, they should be monitered as a possible risk of congenital heart defect. Hope this helps!
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Question: mere usg me "echogenic focus in the left ventricle of heart" aya hai... is this a big problm???
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Question: Hiii...I am 28 week pregnant and my ultrasound shows that there is mild PCS fullness seen in both kidneys of baby ( right 6.0 mm and left 6.3 mm} . I am worried what is this ? Plz tell me .
Answer: Mild dilatation is acceptable, Can be due to the obstruction in the flow of urine It resolve on its own over time. Only thing you need to do is repeat ultrasounds with measurement of pelvis of kidneys to see whether it is increasing or decreasing to monitor this Take care
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