34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: blood sugar is 101 after 3hour eating food is it normal?

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Answer: Yes, its normal
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    Pallawi Choudhary1360 days ago

    yes,it should be less den 140

Answer: it seems high.
Answer: it's normal
Answer: normal
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Question: My blood sugar level is 71 in empty stomach and 149 after eating and urine sugar level is 2+ .. is it normal??
Answer: yes dear just normal don't worry you continue with the that you follow now don't take more sugar increasing foods specially carbohydrate add more vegetables and fruits in your diet take more fibre rich in calcium rich food to more exercise and walking drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday
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Question: before food sugar 105 and after food sugar 135 is it normal or problem ?
Answer: Is it normal for now.. But keep a track of ur sugar regularly and follow ur doctor's instructions thoroughly as the sugar levels may vary as u progress with ur pregnancy
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Question: Blood during vomit after eating food is it normal during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear ,blood in vomit indicate some tear in your food pipe. If you give more pressure during vomit then it may cause such problem. Don't worry.
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