Few weeks old baby

Question: Blood stains have been noticed at the navel region of my baby. The navel cord has been detached few days ago, please suggest?

Answer: If you see it at home and you have already discharged from hospital please visit doctor for check up immediately.
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Question: My baby's cord has been fallen.. After cord has fall we are seeing swollen navel... Can you plzzz suggest me something about that swelling
Answer: Baby's cord has no nerves or lively matter after it has been cut and stumped so it should fall in a week or +/-5 days. If the cord has fallen by itself then probably its okay. But if it happens to be some rash event as in getting baby ready, or while bathing, or while diapering then chances are that it has got infected. Also, gynae had prescribed you an antifungal powder to put on baby's navel, did you follow that without making his navel wet anyday? You need to visit your paediatrician so as to check the proper cause, it is infected. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: The umbilical cord of my 9days old baby has fallen, but there is little blood in the navel. What should I do.
Answer: Hello, Dear your doctor must have given some ointment to apply on baby's umbilical cord so just apply that nothing else. Or if it didn't dried up with that also then get it checked by doctor only..
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Question: My wife ninth month report they have mentioned.. Loop of cord noted in the nuchal region at the time of scan.. What is meaning of this
Answer: It means loop of umbilical cord is present around the neck of baby
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