3 months old baby

Question: Blood lose in 2 months babies potty

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Answer: Hello! Please immediately consult the doctor for this. This might need a stool test done. But it is better to consult the doctor for proper cause and treatment . Take care
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Question: Why babies have blood in their potty
Answer: Hi blood with potty is due to tight potty as it tears the skin comes blood so please check the potty is tight we have to give lots of water especially before potty so potty loosens avoid food that is hard to digest you can give ajwain powder with warm water it helps a lot in digestion include fruits leafy vegetables vegetables and fibre diet so that potty doesn't become hard sitz bath helps a lot to loosen the potty if you don't find any difference please contact doctor once for medication take care
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Question: Blood in Babies potty is it safe or not
Answer: Hello! Blood in babies potty is definitely not safe. There could be two reasons for blood. If the baby is having hard stools then due to a cut in the rectum,you might see blood in stool. In such case you should treat the constipation. Other reason could be infection in stomach. For this you need to consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: Home remedy for babies lose motion
Answer: Ors ka solution do or 2 month ka baby din me 6 bar bi mostion jaa sekta he koi problem nhi hota
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Question: Blood in Babies potty is it k or any risk pls tell me
Answer: It's not good go to doc Asap
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