8 months old baby

Question: Blood in Babies potty is it k or any risk pls tell me

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Answer: It's not good go to doc Asap
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Question: Blood in Babies potty is it safe or not
Answer: Hello! Blood in babies potty is definitely not safe. There could be two reasons for blood. If the baby is having hard stools then due to a cut in the rectum,you might see blood in stool. In such case you should treat the constipation. Other reason could be infection in stomach. For this you need to consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: My Random blood sugar level 15mg/dl.Is there any risk for me or it is normal ?
Answer: 15 is not correct check out, less then 50 only patients not responding.... 110 to 150 random blood sugar is normal
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Question: During early pregnancy blood was found when i go to urine. Is it k. Pls tell me any one
Answer: No dear it is not normal and should be reported to gynae. Please see your doctor without any delay and also get ur beta hcg done to see the growth of your pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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