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Question: blood group is effact palning of pangacey

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Question: Is blood group of parents affects the baby's growth??? Means my blood group is o -ve & my husband's blood group is B-ve??
Answer: Hi. When you both have same blood group there are no worries. It would have been problem when you were rh negative and husband of rh positive. . Health problems usually do not occur during an Rh-negative woman’s first pregnancy with an Rh-positive fetus because her body does not have a chance to develop a lot of antibodies. But if preventive treatment is not given during the first pregnancy and the woman later gets pregnant with an Rh-positive fetus, she can make more antibodies. More antibodies put a future fetus at risk.
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Question: I am pregnant with twins with2 months my blood group of b negative my husband blood group is o+ve.. Does my blood group effects the babies blood group who are with +ve blood group
Answer: If this is your first pregnancy then no prolem, but after your delivery doctor will give anti-D injection so that your baby in second pregnancy won't have problem of erythroblastosis foetalis. So don't worry and enjoy your pregnancy.
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Question: there any effect of blood group on baby? My blood group is O-ve
Answer: Nhi baby ko koi problem nhi jb baby hoga ap apko 1 injection lgega..dont wry...jiska rh negative hota h uski mother ko injection lgta h..agr baby ka positive hua to hi lgega...
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