Few days old baby

Question: blessed with cute little Angel by normal delivery Thank you all....

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Answer: so sweet congratulations dear.
Answer: congratulations dear...
Answer: congratulations...
Answer: congratulations
Answer: congrats!
Answer: congrats
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Question: Blessed wd cute baby angel on 24aug thank you halofy 😘
Answer: Hi Congratulations take good care of yourself and your baby Have that homemade laddoo it would help you with recovery Breast feed your baby exclusively for first 6 months Use a dry sheet it helps to tackle the frequent urination Use slippers around house as you are more prone to cold Give your body proper rest and care Continue having milk to match up with calcium loss in your body Avoid gas causing and sour food as it might not go well with your baby as whatever you eat reflects in your breast milk
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Question: blessed with a cute angel... its a normal delivery... thanks all for ur suggestions and guidance....
Answer: May god bless u and ur sweetheart with all his best blessings in this world. Congratulations on this precious moment of your life.
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Question: yesterday I blessed with a baby boy. it was normal delivery.. thank you for all. .
Answer: congratulations.. u r so lucky yaar normal delivery toh abhi toh bht kaam hi hota hai..
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