38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: blessed with a baby girl..to c section

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Answer: Hie Congratulations Take care of your self and baby Milk may take 2-4days to come in so don't bother about that Start having shatavari tabs 2tabs twice a day it helps boosting milk supply Take rest and eat hralthy
Answer: congratulation aapka belly size kam tha kya
Answer: Congrats dear..💐 Take care both of u..
Answer: congratulations
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Question: Hi all, blessed with a baby girl with c section
Answer: Hello Dear many many congratulations on the arrival of your princess.. In case of any concerns, be free to post your query, so that we can help each other..
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Question: blessed with baby girl via c section
Answer: Hearty congratulations dear Dos & Don'ts After a C-Section dear Your Activity Level A cesarean section is major abdominal surgery, and your body needs time to healdear. Plan on spending four days in the hospital. Once you get home, stay in bed or on the couch as much as possible for the first week dear. Don't lift anything heavier than your baby, and let someone else handle housekeeping chores. If possible, have someone stay with you around the clock dear. Even simple tasks such as bathing or getting dressed can be exhausting during the first week or two, and you may feel dizzy or lightheaded dear. As you gain your strength, you can go for short walks, but skip heavy exercise, such as jogging, and avoid situps. Avoid driving for the first three weeks dear. The more you rest, the more quickly you'll recover dear. Skip the Buffet After a vaginal birth, women often feel ravenously hungry, and may relish a large meal dear. A cesarean section is entirely different. Although you may feel hungry, you should eat carefully dear. Abdominal surgery can trip up your digestive system for a few days, so avoid heavy, rich or fatty foods that produce gas dear. Check with your doctor for specific dietary guidelines dear. In general, you'll want to eat light, nourishing foods, such as soup, yogurt, poultry, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables dear. Incision Care Follow your doctor's instructions for caring for the wound site dear. If the incision was closed with staples, stitches or glue, you can remove the dressings when you get home dear. For incisions closed with strips, change the dressing every day until the strips fall off dear. Wash the wound site gently with warm water and soap in the shower, but don't scrub it dear. Wait on the Bath After your surgery, you can expect vaginal bleeding, or lochia, for up to six weeks dear. Don't use tampons to control this bleeding; stock up instead on thick pads dear. The bleeding will wane over time and change in color from bright red to brown, pink or yellow dear. Heavy bleeding that returns after it has slowed indicates that you're probably doing too much dear. Although you can take a short warm bath, defer on soaking in the tub until your incision site has healed and the bleeding has stopped dear. Hold off on sex until the bleeding has stopped and your doctor gives you the green light dear. Ask For Help It's normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted after childbirth, and a cesarean section can amplify those feelings, especially if you had an emergency surgery dear. Give yourself time to process emotions associated with your experience, and talk with your partner or loved ones. Ask for help if it all seems too much, and tell your doctor if you experience fever over 100.4 degrees, a rash, severe, prolonged headache, sudden intense pain in the abdomen or the incision site, red streaks in your legs, heavy bleeding or feelings of panic or depression dear. Take care
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Question: blessed with baby girl..with c section
Answer: hello.. dear many congratulations on becoming parents.. welcome to the little angel to this world... god bless you little one and healofy wishes you a good luck enjoy your baby milestones.
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