33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Bleeding gums while brushing. What can be done?

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Answer: Hi,Dear Congratulations for your pregnancy ,Yes it is normal during pregnancy dear. Here is the home remedy which helped me during my pregnancy. Combine one clove of garlic with a sprinkling of salt and crush into a fine paste. Apply the mixture sparingly directly onto the affected tooth, applying too much can leave a strong burning sensation. Leave for several minutes before rinsing with warm salt water. Hope it helps.
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Question: There s bleeding in teeth while brushing and the gums become pale.is that a problem?
Answer: Hello dear, Generally, if dental work is required to treat a toothache, the recommended time for treatment is during the second trimester of pregnancy. ... Over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen are avoided as these are not considered safe during pregnancy. Some drugs are considered safe for pain management. And for the treatment You should consult ur doctor. you can use warm water with salt, apply salt with masturd oil, apply only masturd oil, it will help to reduce toothache. 
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Question: I have problems with bleeding gums .. I am not able to brush . What to do to stop bleeding while brushing
Answer: Hello dear It is caused by the hormonal changes that increase the blood flow to the gum tissue and cause your gums to be more sensitive, irritable, and swollen. Remedies for gum bleeding : 1. Have at least one oral checkup with your dentist during pregnancy. 2. Use a daily or periodic warm salt water rinse. 3. Brush your teeth twice per day, especially after vomiting from morning sickness. 4. Have good nutrition
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Question: bleeding in gums today while brushing teeths ? normal during pregnancy?
Answer: The production of female hormones estrogen and progesterone that occur during puberty can increase the blood flow to gums and change the way gum tissue react to irritate in plaque causing the gum tissue to become red,swollen and more likely to bleed during brushing. Yes it's normal during pregnancy.
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