26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Bitter taste in mouth, any remedy?

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Answer: Hi dear usually during pregnancy the taste buds changes it make also some sour taste in tounge for bitter taste you can try eating mango little amount this helps to change the taste and also you can take the Citric fruits like orange grapes mizambie this also helps to change the bitterness
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Question: My baby puts on her finger in the mouth continuously. Any idea to stop this habit?!
Answer: We cannot stop putting hands in the mouth for babies, we have to understand that if the baby is feeded stomach full then the babies play quietly and also they be clam. if they are hungry and not crying then in such situations they will put the hands in their mouth so please provide stomach full feeding for the baby for 2 to 3 hours and keep giving little little water for every hour as it is a summer you can go with the fresh watermelon juice little 2 times a day
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Question: I'm suffering from little cold. And facing breathing issues very Little since yesterday. Any remedy please
Answer: You can take steam and take 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with half lemon and have it raw 3 times a day. Don't mix water, it will definitely reduce your cold
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Question: My baby is not taking feed properly since three days, she is putting hands in mouth, what to do?
Answer: Then try some puree's like banana puree, guava puree, apple puree,
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