4 months old baby

Question: Birth weight 3kg now 4month its 5.75 is it normal

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Answer: Hi, yes its fine as after birth baby looses some weight as well. So 4th month 5.75kgs is fine.
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Question: Hello...my baby girl birth weight is 3kg & now she is 45days old &her weight is 3.800gm,is it normal ????????
Answer: Initially baby weight will drop and then they will gain their birth weight.... it is common....but healthy weight gain is 200 grams/ week (30 grams/day)
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Question: My baby birth weight is 3kg,now 3mntgs completed 5.6kgs is it normal or under weight????
Answer: Your baby weight is good. When baby is 6 month it should be double of birth weight.
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Question: my 4month old baby boy weight is5.750kg.his birth weight is 2.2.now is it normal or??
Answer: It's normal. Weight of a 4 month old baby should be between 5.6 - 8.6kg
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