13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: blud bi 8point Aya report me

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Answer: Drop is hb is expected during pregnancy and is because of increased blood volume. 10-14 g/dl is considered safe in pregnancy . Small drop of hb is considered normal in pregnancy because of high blood volume. You can naturally increasd hb by having green leafy vegetables , pomegranates and some citric acid fruits liks oranges sweet lime to help absorb iron
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Question: Mera 34 week hona chaiye bt ultrasound me 31 week aya h n baby ki growth bi km ai h weight 1.8 kg aya h m kya kru
Answer: Please do not stress yourself with this thought that baby's growth is poor. Be happy and think positive. Your baby will gain weight with the help of nutritious things that you eat. Add more protein to your diet. Butter and other fats will not help you in this matter, you can have cottage cheese, milk and other sources of protein like protein powders for pregnant women. Also incase your AFL level is low, baby weight tends to be on lower side. So drink a lot of liquid juices, coconut water twice a day, lot of water etc.,that will help.
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Question: 28 aug ko muje period aya tha.check kiya to positive result aya he.par muje vomit kyo nai aaa rai?aur muje stomach me gas bi bhut banta he
Answer: Dear gas banana ek bahut hi common symptom hai pregnancy ka to chinta na kare yeh normal hai aap green veges khao, fruits khao, fiber jyada khao jaise ki salads khane ke sath jyada khao. In sab se gas nahi hogi. Vomiting nahi hona bhi utna hi normal hai jitna hona pregnancy mein so chinta mat kare agar nahi ho rahi to khud ko lucky samajhiye. Hope it helps.
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Question: Please ans me mera hcg report <1.20 aya he to kya samj sakte he
Answer: It means you are not pregnant because An hCG level of less than 5 mIU/mL is considered negative for pregnancy, and anything above 25 mIU/mL is consideredpositive for pregnancy.
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