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Question: Mairi beti 6.5 month ki he .. jab usko neend ati he to wo bahut chidti he or rooti he .. bahut muskil se sooti he .. koi tarika he jise esly soo jaye.. soone se pahle chide na

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Answer: From 3rd month I had put schedule like. Bathing in d evng or sponge if whether is cold than good clothes. Lights off. And tried with shushhh shussh sound which I make while patting her. Put her to d bed feed her and put sum thick blanket on d baby than u see d magic. But u cannot break d pattern and don't change d timing's.now my baby take a round of d bed goes on her tummy. She also calls me in her language to play but we behave as if we r sleeping than she herself goes of to sleep. Jus sum tum and patience.
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    Shilpi Sharma248 days ago