5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Beta hcg 3526 means what

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Answer: Dear beta HCG is stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. hCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Pregnancy testing involves the detection of hCG. So having 3526 HCG means that you are 5 weeks pregnant..
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    Vidya M60 days ago

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Question: BETA -HCG <0.100 mIU/ml. Means what
Answer: Dear it should be more than 25. Please consult ur doctor as soon as posisble.
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Question: 7 week preg beta HCG levels 10000 means?
Answer: Hcg test is done to check pregnancy ifs positive or negative.. In non pregnant women its zero but if you are pregnant then it increases. In 1st 10 weeks range should be 202 to 231000..in your case it seems to be normal
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Question: Hi.. my beta hcg is 31.42 mlU/mL. What it means? M I pregnant?
Answer: Congratulations dear you are pregnant anything above 20 Mlu/ml is positive
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