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Question: Best stretch marks removal cream or oils

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Answer: Dear their is nothing which can remove stretch marks totally but coconut oil is best to reduce stretch marks
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    null_0805_218191506 days ago

    U can use bio oil..it's good

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Question: Plz suggest me best stretch marks removal cream..I have black stretch marks on my bally..
Answer: Hello Dear to prevent stretch marks and fade the old stretch marks the best way is to keep your skinwell moisturized. Apply good amount of cream or oil on the area. You can also apply freshaloe veera gel on the skin. Shea and cocoa butter work wonder to keep the skin hydrated andmoist by stimulating skin’s renewal process, and thus preventing stretchmarks. apply a pastemade from equal amounts of sandalwood and turmeric, on the affected area. Scrub off thepaste to get a brighter and even skin tone. You may apply this paste for 5 to 6 months to see animprovement. apply potato juice on your stretch marks and wash it off with warm water. Applyfor a few months to see them fade.apply lemon juice on your stretch marks and let your skinsoak it for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat . apply honey on the affected areaand wash it off after a few minutes with warm water. This helps reduce the marks.. All these tips i am also using and seriously it do works..
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Question: Which is the best stretch marks removal cream?
Answer: Hi dear . Natural remedies are always best, scrub your effected area with mixture of coffee and coconut oil twice a week and daily apply cold pressed coconut oil twice , it will help you a lot.
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Question: Which is the best stretch marks removal cream
Answer: If theybhave akready appeared then theybwont get removed completely but they ciuld be done light, so applying lemon juice with aelovera gell will help a lot,
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