8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Best muscle relaxant in pregnancy??

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Answer: A cold compress and rest can help alleviate headaches and muscle pain during pregnancy, but if you need additional relief, your doctor may recommend acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol). When this drug is used as directed, it's a safe option.
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Question: Can i take hicap (multivitamin) with breastfeeding? Or kindly recommend some equally effective multivitamin or muscle relaxant.
Answer: Hello Dear yu should take a very healthy and nutritional while breastfeeding. Multivitamin can only be prescribed by yur doctor as she has seen yur reports she will be better judge on way to give and not to yu. Don't take muscle relaxant without doctors permission. Take care
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Question: Is muscle pain is common in pregnancy?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 17 weeks pregnant dear when baby grow uterus also grow slowly slowly organs r shifted its put pressure on muscles .Nothing to worry abht. Muscles pain s common during pregnancy . Apply pain relief oil ,give warm compress where u have pain .,take rest ,sleep on soft bed ,go 4 walk nd take healthy diet .try it Happy Pregnancy.
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Question: I feel muscle cramp in calf muscle very badly.please help
Answer: Dear it is normal during pregnancy to get muscle cramp. You can try heat massage as that helps in getting relief in cramps. Drinking milk with a oinch of turmeric will also help in. Avoiding cramps. Hope it helps.
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