22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Best exercise and food options and devolved baby mind best book

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Question: Which food is best while breastfeeding?
Answer: Hi dear, hope you are doing good.drink plenty of fluids like water, coconut water, butter milk and juices at least 3-4 litres in a day, it is more important for your breast milk supply.add fenugreek in foods which is a potent galactogogues.oat meal or oat milk, fennel seeds, egg , garlic and lean meat will also helps.have more fresh fruits and vegetables.better to have low mercury containing fish.take more protein diet like pulses, egg and chicken.take proper rest.
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Question: Hi everyone, what is the best tips for having a normal delivery. Please suggest on exercise and food to be taken and from which week of pregancy
Answer: in 9th month start squat exercise, mop floors, eat ghee in milk as much as you can. Walk atleast 30 minutes in a day. Do all daily household work if there is no complications.
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Question: Which food is best for pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear...just have healthy diet with lots of fruits and green vegetables and have milk atleast twice a day...hope it helps
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