24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Below my breast I feel some pain why?

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Answer: During Pregnancy... due to change in hormones cause an increase in the blood volume throughout the body... this is why we feel pain... No need to worry about this.....this is common during pregnancy
Answer: It's normal.
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Question: Why i feel pain in my breast and also in belly below the breast area
Answer: Hi! Its normal to have sore or tender breasts in the early weeks of pregnancy and and pain below is due to gas, try to eat before two hrs of sleep. No spicy foods, no maida, no pizza, no burger. Only homemade light food at night time. U can take non citric fruits also. This is wat I was advised that time. Ice cream or milk apparently helps with heart burn. It's caused because of reflux, Try to lie down in bed with ur head raised preferably by keeping 2 extra pillows. Hope this helps!
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Question: Below my left breast i feel burning why plse rply
Answer: Take more water intake. Since your baby is growing day by day. You will experience this feeling.
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Question: Why I feel Pain below the left breast while sleeping on that side
Answer: Hi it do hapoens when ur breast get heavier it give more pressure to ur body. I will suggest u to tsk the help of pillow to support u as well u can wear proper supporting bra so that ur breast will Not dag and give u pain.
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Question: Why there is nausea and vomiting and some pain jst below the breast
Answer: Pain below the breast is gasetic...nausea n vomiting...is depending each n every pregnancy...agr is time bhi h to doctor se medicine likhwa loo...ab baby growth ka time h
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