24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Below my breast I feel some pain why?

2 Answers
Answer: During Pregnancy... due to change in hormones cause an increase in the blood volume throughout the body... this is why we feel pain... No need to worry about this.....this is common during pregnancy
Answer: It's normal.
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Question: I feel pain below my breasts when i touch.. why is it so
Answer: It is normal dear in pregnancy. I also 20 weeks pregnancy
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Question: Hi, I am 21 weeks pregnant. I feel pain just below my right breast. Is it normal during pregnancy?
Answer: Its quiet normal..every one should face this during the pregnency..breasts are preparing to feed
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Question: Why always I have breast pain and back pain sometimes I feel Triedness and leg pain
Answer: Hello dear... breast pain and back pain during pregnancy is absolutely common dear and it is caused by the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy dear... there's no need to be worried about it dear.... just apply hot compress over the area that's hurting and it should help reduce the pain dear..
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Question: I have a 4 days old baby.ebf.i feel pain in my breast why am I feeling the pain???
Answer: Initially will get the pain after frequent feeding it will reduce
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