15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: bel patthar or wood appke is safe or not during pregnancy?

2 Answers
Answer: Wood apple has great medicinal value. It has lots of health benefits. It is great for digestion. Purify the blood. Effective for ear aches. Control diabetes. Boost energy. Good for kidney. Rich in vitamin C. Maintain bp. Rich in calcium. Prevent constipation.
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Question: Is peanut butter is safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear, it is safe in pregnancy.but better to have in limited consumption.avoid excess sugars and salts.take care
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Question: Is it safe to eat wood apple during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear you can eat wood apple during pregnancy time this keeps you cool inside as well as it has many nutrients that will good for you
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Question: Khatla fish is safe during pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear you can have fish at this time of pregnancy . You Should not have sea water fish at this time as they have more salt content.
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