33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Before pregnancy my weight is 47 now i m 8mnth prgnt my weight is 67 is it ok

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Answer: There is a specific range within which healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies should stay: For women who start their pregnancies at a health rate, it’s 11 to 16 kgs. (The range varies for underweight to overweight to obese women, as the larger a woman is at the start of her pregnancy, the less weight she should gain to maintain a healthy pregnancy.) Unfortunately, deviating too far from these ranges can lead to serious complications for mother and baby. I would say consukt ur doctor to understand how much weight gain is good for you. Hope this helps.
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Question: Before pregnancy my weight is 50kg. Now iam in 4th month pregnancy. Now my weight is 55. Is it ok?
Answer: hi during pregnancy a woman should gain about 1.5-2 to kilos of weight every month as you are 4th month pregnant you should we have be gaining about 6- kilos of weigjt till now . however you should increase the proteins in your diet which will help to gain weight you should have more of pulses chicken and eggs try to have at least two white eggs daily you should also have protein powder added to the milk which will help take carbohydrates and bananas which rocks help to increase weight
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Question: I was 67 kg before pregnancy n now in 29th week m 71kg, is it ok or overweight?
Answer: He may hv allergy type problem about milk or he can not digest the milk due to his intestine problem. Try him pediasure,vit is best option for morning snacks or milk. You cn try it into water. Same happening with my son, so dr suggested avoid milk n give him pediasure into water. Good results.
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Question: What should be my weight now? Currently it is 67 kg. Is it ok? Or overweight? I am 25 now
Answer: Hello, Dear your height decides your perfect weight. But 65 is fine don't worry..
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