17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Before pregnancy my haemoglobin was 14, after getting pregnant my hb is 13. Do i still need to take iron tablets? I'm having constipation too.

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Answer: Hi dear, yes u should take iron tablet . Iron will help you to up your hemoglobin levels and help in organ and cell development of the baby. U should drink at least eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day. This will help keep your bowels soft and moving smoothly through your digestive tract. Try breaking up your daily food intake into five or six smaller meals to help with constipation relief.
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Question: my hb level remains 14 or above before pregnancy also then can i skip iron tablets ,or is it necessary to take iron tablets daily??
Answer: It's not important to have hb 14 before pregnancy. If your hb level is still between 12-14 then you can skip tablets and consume food/fruits/ dry fruits
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Question: Hi I'm 7 months pregnant.my hb level is 11.5. Do i need to take iron tablets still ?
Answer: Hello yes dear your HB level is just on the borderline the normal range during pregnancy is from 12 to 14 if hb level is good yur baby will receive good amount of blood and oxygen, you need to continue your iron tablets post delivery to as it helps maintaining your blood levels in your body. Take care
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Question: I'm getting vomiting after taking iron tablets, is it compulsory to take in pregnancy??
Answer: Yes its very much important to take iron tablets......if u r vomiting regularly u can ask ur doctor to prescribe tablets for vomiting as such tablets will help u stop vomit
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