Question: before pragnancy my weigt was 96 now its 104...kya muje normal delivery hoge and my height is 5.9..weight jada hone se normal delivery nahi hoge kya

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Answer: it is not like that they are chances for normal delivery if you have healthy pregnancy and no other complications. do regular walking
Answer: kitne month ki pregnancy h
Answer: am 19 weeks now
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Question: my weight is 104 and height is 5.8 ..muje normal delivery ho sakte hai kya
Answer: u drink hot water like tea u can reduce weight also normal delivery also be brave my frind also like ur height n weight n she bring normal delivery she is so brave
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Question: My height is 5.9 and my weight is 47 now is it right
Answer: Hai. I think u hav under weight according to ur height. I m 5'5 and weight 58. Pls eat healthy foods in intervals. Include banana, nuts in ir diet
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Question: My height 5.9 and nw my weight is 80. Before pregnancy i am 67 but nw increasing a lot
Answer: dear weight gaining is a natural in pregnancy no need to worry . now a baby is also inside you . after delivery you will come to normal shape .
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Question: my weight is 96 and my height is 5.9 and my LMP date is feb 7/2019 i feel breathing problem and frequent urination, headace and i feel cramps and is it normal
Answer: Hi dear! If your last month period date was February 7th and you are feeling breathing problem and frequent urination and headache then it can be a common during pregnancy but it is important to know that if you have checked and taken the pregnancy test to confirm it if you have not taken a test yet and you think that these are the symptoms of pregnancy then I would suggest you that C symptoms can be different for different people so please do not depend on the symptoms only and take a test of pregnancy and see if you are pregnant or not otherwise cramps are normal in the first few weeks of pregnancy because your uterus keeps expanding or due to round ligament pain which is nothing but a band of tissues supporting the uterus that also keeps expanding to accommodate the foetus in the system .. Hope this helps"
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