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Question: Before marriage my periods were normal.I am maried for 5 month.Whenever me and my husband trying for a baby periods is getting delayed.But I am not becoming pregnant.What was the reason may be?

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Answer: Reason may b harmonal changes bt consult ur dr. Abt this.bcz if u wanna baby then 5 months me to ho jana chahiye tha. Nd b vth ur hubby in mid days of month.
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    Tamilarasi Soundararajan599 days ago

    Ok Sister.Thank You for your reply.

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Question: Getting pink discharge before periods and i missing the periods getting pink discharge what is the reason for that
Answer: Hi! It seems to be Implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs generally after 10 days of ovulation, the colour of discharge is pinkish, once a perios is missed but around 20-22 days you can observe pinkish blood, thats implantation bleeding, here the fertilised egg gets attached to the uterus wall. It might show up for few hours or maximum a day or two. Please check the duration of it. Good luck!
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Question: Hello me and my husband are doing sex every next day but than also i am not getting pregnant. What will be the reason? And i am not having periods regular.
Answer: Hi dear, To conceive make sure following tests are done: 1- TSH needs to be below 3 for conception 2- blood sugar levels are in range 3-blood pressure is optimal 4- if you have any period irregularities,check with any PCOD or endometriosis issues 5- BMI body mass index should be between 18-25 6- blood group of yours and husband 7- genetic disorders 8- iron level is above 11 9-keep a track of ovulation Apart from that,you need to start taking folic acid supplement prior to conception. Healthy lifestyle,including diet and exercise needs to be started .
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Question: Hii maam and my husband is constantly trying to conceive since 4 months... I am following the ovulation chart and my periods are regular.... But still not conceiving...what could be the reason?
Answer: Hello dear, Before pregnancy. If your under-active thyroid(hypothyroidism) is untreated or under-treated then you are likely to find it more difficult to conceive. ... Once you are taking medication (levothyroxine tablets) and your thyroidhormone levels are back to normal your chances of becoming pregnant should improve dramatically ... Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: breastfeeding mother of 4month baby...after delivery(feb 25) im getting regular periods for 1month(april 5)..then still im not getting period till now..while me and my husband were seperate..olz anyone suggest me a solution
Answer: Hi dear. this is a really common problem after delivery that most of the women experience a few regular period and then irregularity in periods start after few months it is quite common but you should not ignore it so just observe for few more days if your period will not be there then I would suggest you to consult your doctor once
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