31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: before food sugar 105 and after food sugar 135 is it normal or problem ?

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Answer: Is it normal for now.. But keep a track of ur sugar regularly and follow ur doctor's instructions thoroughly as the sugar levels may vary as u progress with ur pregnancy
Answer: Yr fasting is high keep yr fasting level between 60 to 80 mg, and post meal should be under 140
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    Nidhi Shrivastava1263 days ago

    madem 2 units of insulin taken from 10 days but not contrle

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Question: Sugar before food is 105 and after food is 125... Does this situation affect the baby.. Worried a lot... Wat to do...
Answer: Hello dear, sugar level is little high. Diabetes develops when your body can't efficiently produce or use insuline. If you have gestational diabetes, your baby may be at increased risk of: Excessive birth weight.  Eat a variety of foods. you can take three small-to-moderate-size meals and two to four snacks every day....Don't skip meals. Eat a good breakfast. you may have to limit carbohydrates breads, cereal, fruit, and milk, boost your protein eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts , and possibly avoid sweet fruit and juice altogether....Milk is high in lactose, a simple sugar, so you may need to limit the amount you drink and find an alternative source of calcium. ...Moderately increasing your activity level is also a good way to help keep your blood glucose levels at normal levels.... Hope it helpful... Take care urself...
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Question: Hello Doctor.. I had my sugar test today it shows 94 fastin and 135 after food.. Is it normal?? Im into second semester..
Answer: Sugar control Hi dear, Diabetes or sugar during pregnancy is though a common but at the same time controling is equally important.normal sugar level post eating should be below 140 mg/DL. Fasting sugar should be below 100. Few life style changes can bring back sugar balance. Eat smaller frequent meals instead of larger meals.this will ensure sugar balance throughout the day. say no to all forms of sugar and avoid refined food. Whole grains and proteins which are slowly digested can raise sugar slowly.prefer brown rice over white rice.oats and whole wheat are preferred.exercises can be very beneficial during such cases too.keep monitoring sugar level. Uncontrolled sugar could make larger baby and preterm labor.tour sugar reports are normal.
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Question: My before sugar level is 105 and pp is 170 so this is high sugar level
Answer: Normal Value Range Fasting Values: 95 mg/dL or 5.3 mmol/L 1 Hour Values: 180 mg/dL or 10 mmol/L 2 Hour Values: 155 mg/dL or 8.6 mmol/L 3 Hour Values: 140 mg/dL or 7.8 mmol/L
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