34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Before 2 weeks i got loose motion..after dat i hv less kicks ...i consult to my gynae n monitor d bby ..doc says bby z f9 ...bt i m in stress whether i m concerning too much or is it nrml...its ma fst pregnancy ...i hv usually 6-7 kicks in a whole day

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Answer: Hello dear Do not worry about baby movement because as your baby is growing , you may start to feel that she's less active. The truth is that if she's healthy, she's moving as much as she did when she was smaller, but her movements feel different because she's all folded up and wedged in your uterus. Just have a glass of orange juice and sleep on ur left side, u will start feeling baby movement again.
Answer: Hi.. Dear after about 20 weeks, you may feel  your baby moving every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the moving too fast while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle..
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Question: I went my to my hometown nd fr dat I had to cover 60 kms by v frequently took halts ..bt I usually get constipation wnever i move out nd after two days v hv cm bK bt m feeling less nd light movement is it fine .I mean it seem d same wn I initially it started
Answer: during travel u may nt pay attention to movements much n when u do baby may or may not move. so try relax and then try to feel the movements . since u r entering last trimester its best to avoid travel
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Question: Hello my 11 mnth old baby suffering from watery loose motion last nit n sounds lik cough in his chest n body parts r seeing hot n his one teeth has arrived ..dat is d for which he was suffering frm all i mentiond above??? Please tell m
Answer: Hi dear.... Yes some time during teething process some kids tends to have loose motions along with. Fever.. Make sure u keep him hydrated as he is having loose motion.... Try giving him coconut water and keep him on liquids... Since u are saying may be he is having cough u can try home remedy of ginger and honey... This will help him in soothing the cough and do try to give him steam while he sleeps...
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Question: hiii, my baby is abt to complete 6 months on 20th.. she was on formula since her birth, as my supply was very low.. people say dat children who didn't get mother's milk are less intelligent. dey are not smart enough. even my mother-in-law says dat.. and research also say that.. so i m worried.. but she doesn't look like DAT means she responds very quick, she smiles alot, she graps thing, she holds finger of every body, she sits, she is doing evrything which a child is suppose to do at this tym. but still she is lacking d most imp thing i.e. BM..plz tell me what should i do to make her smart enough, should i give her some tonic when she will become more young... i know dat nothing can replace BM... waiting for ur repy
Answer: U don't have to worry so much. It's true to some extent that BM helps in brain development more. Bt that doesn't make Formula fed babies any dumber. More than giving tonic concentrate on developing babies skill. Every one who is intelligent necessarily doesn't not make the mark. Intelligence depends upon how it is developed or rather how it is brought out in babies. And as for the supplement u can start giving her almonds every morning when she starts taking solids and till then u can make it's puree and give it to her now.
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