39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Bad odour coming from mouth its normal during pregnancy

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Answer: No it is not normal. Bad odour and pregnancy are not related to each. Bad odour is common for most of the humans. you have to take proper care.Drink plenty of water and follow mouth hygiene. Brush twice a day.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnancy. Bad odour curdy liquid come from vagina .it wrong or right.
Answer: Hi! White discharge is normal during pregnancy. It is due to the increased blood flow in that area, However foul smell or a little yellowish or greenish discharge can be infection and it needs Doctors intervention. Please increase your water intake. Good luck!
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Question: white discharge during pregnancy normal or abnormal? bad odour coming aftr urinating washroom
Answer: hello.. dear vaginal or white discharge is common and normal in pregnancy.. but see to the doctor immediately if you are odour of discharge is bad...
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Question: Fruity odour from coming from urine,y its happening
Answer: may b amniotic fluid leakage since u r 39th week don't neglect rush to hsptl
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