Question: muje back pain bohot hota h aur mere per me bhi bohot swelling h

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Answer: Hello! it is normal...dont worry..Follow these steps: Avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Use a stool or a resting chair and avoid standing on one foot. Sit periodically in case you have to stand for a long duration.Sit on chairs that have supportive backs or use pillows at your back, and try to sit up straight.Stand straight with your shoulders relaxed.At work and when driving, consider a lumbar support for your chair. Try not to cross your legs, and check whether the position of your computer screen and chair are correct. Try to move away from your desk regularly and get fresh air at lunchtime.Be careful while getting done with your household work. Avoid heavy strenuous works.Use a warm towel or a heating pad on the lowest setting to provide you comfort.
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Question: mere legs per swelling a jati h din me dard bhi hota h it is normal
Answer: Hello! Swelling in legs is common during pregnancy, became of excess fluid in the body. You can reduce swelling during pregnancy by lying on your side to relieve the increased pressure on your veins. Here are some other tips to reduce swelling: Put your feet up whenever possible. At work, keep a stool or pile of books under your desk. Don't cross your legs or ankles while sitting. Stretch your legs frequently while sitting: Stretch out your leg, heel first, and gently flex your foot to stretch your calf muscles. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. Take regular breaks from sitting or standing. Frequent short walks will keep your blood from pooling in your lower extremities. Wear comfortable shoes that stretch to accommodate swelling in your feet. Don't wear socks or stockings that have tight bands around the ankles or calves. Wear waist-high maternity support stockings. Put them on before you get out of bed in the morning so blood doesn't have a chance to pool around your ankles. Drink plenty of water. Surprisingly, this helps your body retain less fluid. Try to have about 10 8-ounce cups of water or other hydrating beverages each day. (You can tell you're getting enough if your urine looks pale yellow or clear.) Exercise regularly. Activities like walking, swimming, or riding an exercise bike are good options. Or try a water aerobics class – being immersed in water may reduce swelling temporarily, particularly if you're in the water up to your shoulders. Eat a healthy diet and limit junk food.
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Question: Mere per ke talwe me bohot pain hota h.. kya kru.. im 24 weeks pregnant ..
Answer: Hello Dear, With all the extra weight,it's no wonder your feet and legs are paining.Fortunately,chances are these pains will disappear after you delivery. These are some steps to get rid from this pain. * Elevate your feet as often as you can. *Sleep on your side, not your back. * Consume a lot of fluids. * Monitor your weight. * Improve the circulation in your ankles with rotation exercises. * Ice your ankles.
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Question: Mere back me aur legs me bhut pain hota h need bhi nhi aati h night me kya kru me
Answer: Hi dear, I am sorry ki aapko is takleef se guzarna padh Raha hai.but pregnancy me is Tarah Ka leg pain bohat common zyada tar body fluid ke badhtey pressure ke Karan hota hai.aur upar se,legs me pure body Ka pressure rehta hai,isliye waha zyda strain rehta hai.zyada Der tak ek jagah par khade na rahe.legs ko hamesha upar support karke rakhe,neeche latka ke na baithe. keep.moving.i know aapko bohat dard hota hai,but jitna move karengi,utna circulation badhega aur dard Kam hoga.warm oil massage kare daily.khane me namak Kam le.vitamin supplements leti rahe.khoob Pani bhi pijiye.pani ki kami se bhi is Tarah ke cramps aate rehte hai. Back pain bhi is stage me kaafi normal hai.kafi changes ayenge body me,zyada ghabrane waali baat Nahi hai. Neend na aana bohat common complain hai pregnancy time me. Aksar body changes with hormonal fluctuations ke Karan Aapka body stressed ho jata hai.jisse anxiety ya bechaini si as jaati hai. Aap iske liye daily yoga kare.subah halki dhoop me Roz 20 min tak walk kare. Kuch mild streching exercises bhi Kare jisse body Ka tanav,door hota hai. Zyada meetha khane se bhi anxiety ho Jati hai. Done se 4 ghante pehle tak mobile ya TV Jaise gadgets Ka istemal na kare. Lights Ghar ki dim hi rakhe. Coffee ,tea some se 5 ghante pehle tak let saktey hai,Uske baad Nahi. Khoob paani pijiye aur healthy Khana khaye. Some se pehle garam doodh pene se achchi neend aati hai.roz ek apple khaye,Jo insomnia jaisi problem ko hatata hai. Sone Ka ek routine banaye. Daily usi time me soye. Active rahe ,jisse Raat ko achchi neend ayegi.aur tension na le,ye bilkul normal hai.kuch Dino me theek ho jayegi.
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Question: Muze back pain bohot hota hai...aur left side leg, left side tooth bhi bohot pain hota hai...aisa q hota hai
Answer: Pehle delivery cesearian hui hai to dusri normal nahi hogi
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