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Question: Baby's weight is 4.8 kgs in 3rd month.Is it normal?

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Answer: It depends on what your baby weight was at the time your baby was born! This you may check on your own. Post 15 days of your baby's birth,you should add 20 gms daily to his birth weight to check if your baby's weight is increasing well. If it has not increased that much,you will have try remedies to increase breast milk or atleast add formula milk to your baby's daily routine. Formula milk is an absolutely safe mixture of all important nutrients for your baby's body. You may introduce it to your baby even as early as 10 days.
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    Anonymous45 days ago

    My baby weight is 6.8 now 110 days

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    A V34 days ago

    My baby's birth weight was 2.82 and now he is 5kg. He is now 3months 22 days old. Kindly let me know if its a good weight gain.

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    bhavani chinthapalli20 days ago

    Yep it's gd weight only..No prblm...

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    Misha Emil19 days ago

    My baby was 2.750 kg at birthtime and now she is 92 days old weighs 4.790kg . My doctor said , by fourth month the baby shall reach atleast 5.4kg , then it's absolutely fine . And her weight now is well and fine . So no need to worry regarding the weight till the baby seems active and healthy. You should continuously monitor whether the baby has breastmilk/formula milk intake properly or not. Take care.

Answer: I think it depends on baby birth weight if ur baby's birth weight was less then it is fine
Answer: Baby should be double the birth weight.by 5.months. so cjeck accordingly
Answer: Yes it is don't worry untill he is not active
Answer: Why the app showing old question and answer?
Answer: S its normal.ur baby s fit n fine
Answer: Yes dear its normal weight
Answer: What was the birth weight
Answer: What is his birth weight
Answer: yes .4.8 kg is normal
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Answer: Yes baby gains 1kg every month to additional birth weight so it is normal
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Question: My baby's weight is 4.8 is it low or okay?
Answer: Hi dear , at 3 months age baby's weight should be anywhere between 5-7kg. So make sure to breastfeed your baby after every 1-2 hour for healthy weight gain..
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