3 months old baby

Question: Baby weight 5.45 tna iruka

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Question: Hai my baby birth weight 3 and now 5month 16days weight is 5.45 pls tell its normal r not
Answer: Hello mam yes it is normal weight no need to worry. Feed your baby often. As she is 6 month old. Now you can start giving solid foods. Start with easy digestable food. Apple puree,steamed apple, banana puree, vegetable soup, ragi malt, home made cerelac, rice porridge. Give enough water
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Question: How to increase baby weight and my baby is 5 month and her weight is 5.45
Answer: Hello hope you are doing well. Ur baby weight seems fine as till 5 months baby weight is almost dis. Don't worry and give breastmilk exclusively for a better health and mental growth. Njoy ur mother hood
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Question: Now my baby is of two and half month his weight is 5.45. Is it OK?
Answer: Yes its a good growth... but see that he does not over weight more
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